About us


Marykate and Moose here! We are so happy that you made your way to our page. I currently work full-time and wanted a part-time job that didnt require me leaving Moose for a longer period throughout the day. I started sewing Moose bandanas quickly after we had gotten him in 2022. After almost a year of perfecting it, we officially started up as a small business in Lexington, KY. Since then, we have attended many events, made life long friends with other small business owners, met a TON of four-legged friends and most of all, we have had SO much fun. 


We make trendy, no hassle bandanas to provide easy use for both you and your pup. Unlike the traditional tie bandanas, the back side is made using elastic. This is to ensure maximum comfort without tugging on your dogs fur or neck area. We are pawsitive that you will love these just as much as we do.